• Telepsychiatry’s evidence base for efficacy and acceptance are well established.
  • Satisfaction is extremely high among patients, psychiatrists and other medical professionals.
  • Effectiveness is equivalent to in-person care in terms of therapeutic engagement, quality of care, validity/reliability of assessment, and clinical outcomes.


  • Telepsychiatry improves care quality, controls cost, and enhances patient and provider satisfaction.
  • In emergency department settings, telepsychiatry reduces transportation costs, inpatient and emergency department utilization, and overall hospital costs.
  • In primary care settings and specialty care clinics, telepsychiatry has substantial benefit for your patients’ overall health and results in significant cost savings to medical groups and delivery systems.
  • Telepsychiatry improves care within correctional systems and nursing homes, which translates into cost reduction associated with transportation, labor, and other care-oriented factors.


  • Telepsychiatry represents a vital link in the move toward a more sustainable healthcare systems.
  • Telepsychiatry not only offers significant benefits in terms of patient and provider satisfaction, clinical outcomes, and cost savings, it can decrease healthcare related carbon footprint.


  • The field of telehealth is advancing and expanding rapidly and the need to keep on top of advancing innovations in health care has never been greater. Whether it is implementing a telemedicine solution today or exploring the next generation of digital health solutions, we will be there for you.